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Why you should know about the different coffee roasts!

by Ian Steger

The answer is simple: Understanding how the roasting process unfolds and how the flavors come to life will allow you to make a more informed decision about the coffee you buy, grind and brew – whatever brewing method you use. So, here we go:

What is Coffee Roasting?

Coffee roasting is the process of taking green coffee beans and turning them into the delicious, aromatic beans that we use to brew coffee. It is a craft that requires skill and knowledge, but it has certain similarities to cooking or baking: you need to consider the quality of ingredients, equipment, technique, and experience. Roasting machines can be compared to specialized ovens, where the roaster is preheated to 400°F and filled with unroasted green coffee. You can read about the equipment we are using at Project in the article from dailycoffeenews.com.

The Magic of a few minutes after 9-10 minutes

The first 7 minutes of roasting are focused on removing moisture from the beans to allow for caramelization of sugars and flavor development. The arrival of "first crack" at 9-10 minutes marks the start of releasing energy and of flavor development. As roasting continues, the fruit and acidity notes in the coffee tend to diminish, allowing sweeter flavors such as caramel and chocolate to become more prominent. This is where we can differentiate between light, medium, and dark roasts.

There is no clear definition of light, medium, or dark roast. The goal is to provide a balanced and sweet cup of coffee, and to offer options for different tastes.

Light, Medium and Dark Roasts

Light roasts are roasted for a shorter time after first crack, typically for just 10-11 minutes. These coffees generally have a high acidity and fruit flavor profile, as well as a lighter body. They are ideal for those who enjoy exploring the complexity and unique flavors in their coffee.

Medium roasts are roasted for longer than light roasts, retaining some of the fruit and acidity flavors while also adding sweetness. This style of coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a cup that tastes more like chocolate, with just enough acidity to keep it bright. Medium roasts usually make for a great everyday coffee.

Dark roasts are roasted for the longest time out of the three, typically for 15-16 minutes. These coffees usually have even less acidity than medium roasts, with predominant flavors of caramel and dark chocolate. They are ideal for those who prefer a bold coffee that can be paired well with milk. 

What roasts can I find at Project Coffee?

The truth is that we source really high-quality and organically grown coffees and roast each coffee just enough to bring out the best of what’s inherent in those particular beans. Typically, our coffees are around the medium roast spectrum. We always carry one roast one the lighter end of the spectrum and one that is trending towards the darker side.

Interested in more details?

Here are a few additional websites that give a good overview and additional information about the art and science of coffee roasting. Whatever your preferred roast profile is, check out the range of profiles we offer in our online shop!



So, next time you come to our store or visit us online, make sure you grab a bag of beans that fit your flavor profile.

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